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maximum protection, maximum safety.

Designed for those applications where a physical separation between the fenced area and the surrounding areas is required, the EASY BARRIER LAMIERA panels allows working in absolute safety. A standard that is an essential goal for Della Casa Reti products.

The EASY BARRIER LAMIERA perimeter protection system is the solution that completely isolates the danger area.
EASY BARRIER LAMIERA, like mesh systems, respects the safety parameters established by harmonized standards.


The EASY BARRIER LAMIERA modular panels are intended for those applications where maximum protection is required, such as welding islands, where it is necessary to shield UV rays, or where external projection of particles, small sized objects or liquids can occur that could cause damage to things and / or people during the course of work.

They are available in different width sizes and in two heights, H = 1890 and H = 2390 mm, respectively for protections H = 2000 and H = 2500 mm. It is also possible to use two types of panels with adjustable width, Kalibro L and Kalibro R, in order to obtain precise measurements in the length of a modular protection wall.

EASY BARRIER LAMIERA panels can be used in combination with normal 50×50 mm tubular posts.

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Easy BARRIER Lamiera


The Mekkano LAMIERA doors, like the mesh ones, are made using the Mekkano construction system without welding, provided with the required customizations and ready for installation immediately.
Upon request it is possible to fit them with portholes with non-actinic glass or with polycarbonate.

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Easy BARRIER Lamiera


The wide range of sizes available for the EASY BARRIER LAMIERA panels allows perimeter protections to be set up that faithfully respect the required perimeter. If necessary, or convenient, in predetermined areas it is possible to combine mesh panels of the EASY BARRIER family with those in sheet metal, without the need for any adaptation.

Modular perimeter protections


The EASY BARRIER LAMIERA protections maintain the high construction quality of the other modular perimeter protections produced by Della Casa Reti and have passed resistance tests, resulting fully compliant with current standards, as certified by the certificate issued by Tüv InterCert SAAR.

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Easy BARRIER Lamiera

The Kalibro L panel, an adjustable element for anti-intrusion perimeter protections in blind sheet metal, allows the length of the protection to be increased or decreased without interruption, within an adjustment range of 220 mm. Suitable for operations that need the measurements to be adapted during assembly with great precision.

Easy BARRIER Lamiera

The Kalibro R panel is an alternative to the Kalibro L, which can be used for the same needs, but with an adjustment range of ≈ 400 mm. If necessary, it can also be used as a support for touch screen monitors, push-button panels, signage boards, company logo signs and more.

Easy BARRIER Lamiera

The non-actinic glass porthole offers protection  from the welding arc, while the polycarbonate porthole, if transparent, allows the processing inside the work island to be overseen. If red, it can be used to partially protect from welding arc.

Easy BARRIER Lamiera

The adjustable telescopic foot allows one or more posts to be placed in a lower area of the floor than the one where the other posts are located. This item can be requested for all posts if the protection barrier is to be placed on particularly uneven floors or where there are extended slopes designed for carrying waste water.

Easy BARRIER Lamiera

If necessary, this strut can be used to stabilize one or more posts in a protective barrier, such as the striker post of a sliding gate if it remains isolated.



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