the modular perimeter protection system. Simple, safe, effective.

EASY BARRIER LIGHT safety fence is the latest born into the EASY BARRIER family

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Wire mesh holds no secrets for us.
Our experience comes from long ago, but always looks to the future.
This is why the modular mesh perimeter protections we produce meet and anticipate customer needs.
Technological development and a solid corporate structure make Della Casa Reti the right choice in the metal fencing market.

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EASY BARRIER: safety first.

The EASY BARRIER modular panel fencing is placed at the top of the perimeter protection market. Attention to detail and the search for ideal solutions: only the best for our customers.

EASY BARRIER KLASSIK: cornerstone of the family.

The EASY BARRIER KLASSIK anti-intrusion panel, 40×40 and ø 4 mm wire, is at the base of our modular systems.

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EASY BARRIER HD: aesthetics at the service of safety.

The EASY BARRIER HD anti-intrusion panel, 18×172 and ø 4 mm wire, allows the barrier to be positioned 120 mm from the danger area.

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EASY BARRIER KRT: more protection.

Wire mesh with 8×41 passage opening and ø 3 mm wire, the EASY BARRIER KRT system allows the barrier to be positioned 20 mm away from the danger area.

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EASY BARRIER LIGHT: lighter, same safety.

The EASY BARRIER LIGHT is based on the new rectangular mesh panels with 30×63 hole and ø 3 mm wire.

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EASY BARRIER LAMIERA: maximum safety.

With EASY BARRIER LAMIERA it is possible to create a complete separation from the danger area.

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EASY BARRIER WALL: protected warehouse.

EASY BARRIER WALL is a modular system for setting up retaining walls on warehouse shelves.

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Always choose the safety of our modular metal fences and protections in your work: from industrial automation to the world of machine tools, from welding islands to warehouses. We respond to our customers’ requests in the only way we know: with competence, quality products and absolute care.

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