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EASY BARRIER WALL is a modular perimeter protection system aimed at adapting storing structures to current regulations.

EASY BARRIER WALL wire mesh panels are press-molded to obtain ribs that give stability and rigidity without the need of external frames.
This allows easy assembling of the various panels with the maximum freedom to operate, thus obtaining easily and rapidly strong containing walls, which are firmly fixed to the supporting structure.

EASY BARRIER WALL is composed of three main elements:
  • standard mesh panel;
  • panel fastening-plate (art. 109);
  • seal plate (art. 110);
  • KLIPS plate.
  • 40 x 40 x ø 4 mm mesh panel
  • Art. 109 – panel fastening-plate
  • Installed panel fastening-plate
  • art. 110 - double joining plate
  • Installed seal plate
  • Art. 110K - single joining plate
  • Klips plate
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