Easy Barrier



The EASY BARRIER line of perimeter protections, with the classic square mesh, represents the mainstay of the DELLA CASA RETI production.
The versatility of configuration, possibility to adapt during installation, ease and rapidity of assembling, together with a high structural strength [watch videos], are the characteristics which the Customers appreciate the most.

The modular panels, without the frame, are fastened to the posts in an easy and rapid way, by means of the patented SKATTO plates.

The positioning of EASY BARRIER is defined depending on the risk analysis and on the minimum distances to be kept from the dangerous areas.

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • UNI EN 12100
  • UNI EN 13857
  • UNI EN ISO 14120


MESH DIMENSIONS: 40 x 40 wire ø 4 mm

  • Panel in metal mesh h 1890 mm
  • Panel in metal mesh h 2385 mm
  • Installed SKATTO plate
  • Hinge for angles different from 90°
  • installed SKATTO plate
The modular panels in wire mesh are the core of the EASY BARRIER protection line in wire mesh.

The electro-welded steel mesh is press-molded to obtain a series of horizontal bendings which give excellent stability and rigidity to the panel, thus making it self-supporting.
The panels are available in a wide range of standard sizes, customizable to intermediate sizes and easily shapeable to obtain passage areas.
The panels are painted with thermosetting powder in standard RAL 9005 black colour or in the desired colour, optionally according to a sample.
On request, the wire mesh modular panels can be produced from stainless steel mesh, possibly provided with a polycarbonate (lexan) slab.



  • Tubular post 50 x 50 mm
  • Tubular Post 80 x 80 mm
  • Adjustable telescopic foot (optional)
  • Reinforcement for post (optional)
The EASY BARRIER panels can be combined with 50 x 50 mm tubular posts or with 80 x 80 mm tubular posts for special constructions or heights.
The posts are made from strong steel tube, worked with automatic robot-operated systems to obtain threaded holes and welding of the floor support plates.
Posts are also available provided with a foot adjustable by means of a threaded stem or a telescopic stem, so that the ground support can be easily adjusted.


  • porta Mekkano h 2000 mm
  • porta Mekkano h 2500 mm
  • porta Mekkano anta doppia h 2000 mm
  • porta Mekkano anta doppia h 2500 mm
The MEKKANO gate combines with the components for the EASY BARRIER perimeter protection overcoming the limitations of welded ironwork.
They use the MEKKANO construction system and EASY BARRIER mesh to assemble the gates in the sizes and with the customizations requested, all ready for installation.



  • c anti-panic lock – outer
  • ec anti-panic lock – ​inner
  • 2-handle lock – outer
  • 2-handle lock – inner
  • inner handle and outer knob lock – outer
  • inner handle and outer knob lock – inner
  • EC ANTI-PANIC LOCK available on request with enlarged polycarbonate or metal sheet protective screen.

  • 2-HANDLE LOCK with key lock bolt.

  • INNER HANDLE AND OUTER KNOB LOCK with key lock bolt.


  • Sliding gates
  • Standard magnetic locking
  • Standard magnetic locking
  • Standard key locking
  • Standard key locking
The lower and upper parts of the passage space of the sliding gates produced by DELLA CASA RETI are completely free.
Made with the EASY BARRIER mesh, they are ready for the most important types of electric locks.
On request, the gates can be provided with the door on the inner side and can be combined with a right door and a left door in order to double the passage width.


  • Automatic sliding gate with pneumatic cylinder
  • Sliding gate with light upper track
  • Double door gate swinging gate without upper beam
  • 3-panel folding gate without upper support beam, with ground wheel
  • Gate with partial door and stationary panel
  • double sliding door
  • automatic sliding gate with pneumatic cylinder
  • automatic sliding gate with pneumatic cylinder
DELLA CASA RETI offers customised solutions, providing any type of gate, which can be cut to size with respect to height and width, with single or double door, swinging, sliding or folding door, with or without the upper transverse beam.
Each type of gate can be made with all EASY BARRIER types, or buffered with sheet metal panels, and can be prepared for the various safety switches, both normal and interlocking. It is also possible to provide the gates with automatic opening and closing systems, upon request.


DELLA CASA RETI designs and produces the components of the EASY BARRIER perimeter protection system in accordance with the standards and technical requirements contained in the following reference regulations:

  • UNI EN-ISO 12100 - Machinery safety – General design principles – Risk evaluation and risk reduction.

  • UNI EN-ISO 13857 - Machinery safety - Safety distances required to prevent upper and lower limbs from reaching dangerous areas. The rule sets out the safe distances required to prevent upper and lower limbs from reaching dangerous areas.

  • UNI EN–ISO 1420 - The rule defines the general requirements for the design and construction of shelters whose main object is to protect persons from mechanical dangers. Machine safety, dangerous machine, prevention of accidents, safety device, protection from mechanical dangers, danger, design, material, category, safety, inspection, information.
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