CONTOUR is a new outdoor fencing modular system, produced by DELLA CASA RETI with the quality and care about details that contradistinguish all the Company’s products.

CONTOUR is a fencing in welded mesh with strengthening longitudinal folds, supported by tubular uprights by means of a front fixing system, which engages two adjacent panels at the same time.

The CONTOUR fencing is simple and rapid to install in any situation.

The CONTOUR fencing can be combined with both pedestrian and vehicle gates to obtain the required configuration.
  • Garden fencing
  • Fencing for courtyards and yards
  • Modular outdoor fencing system
  • Panels for outer fencing
  • Fitted stakes for fencing
  • Particular of the stakes for fencing
  • Fixing of stakes for fencing
  • Gates for garden fencing
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