Zinc-Coated Boxes



The same philosophy as that used in the modular construction of the anti-intrusion barriers, is used by DELLA CASA RETI for outdoor boxes, in which all the various elements are hot zinc-coated, so as to obtain the maximum protection against corrosion.

The DELLA CASA RETI boxes can be made in different dimensions and configurations, single or multiple rooms, depending on the Customer’s needs. If requested, they can be covered with sheet metal.

The DELLA CASA RETI boxes are aimed at fencing and protecting installations in general, for example comprising pipes and pumps, or LPG cylinders, fuel tanks and the like; in addition, they allow to obtain comfortable housings for animals.
  • Zinc-coated mesh fencing
  • Outdoor fencing
  • Outdoor dog pen
  • Modular dog pens
  • Diagram of an outdoor dog pen
  • Dog pen
  • Diagram of modular dog pens
  • Dog pens
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